Venzu welcomes the new participants of Heroes Made in Asia

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Today Venzu, our mascot for all merchandise, would like to introduce you to the newest participants of Heroes Made in Asia. Venzu is very excited to introduce these new participants and to welcome them to our wonderful event. In this article, you will find everything about these participants and what you can expect from them.

Jack of Dice

The first participant I want to introduce to you is Jack of Dice. Jack of dice is a shop for all kinds of unique dice and all types of games. The name stems from the myth called Jack, who is a big fan of dice. Additionally, their vision is to have the widest possible range for a good price, from dice to RPG material.

Jack of Dice is certainly a participant that you should visit at the event!

Squad Gear

The next participant I would like to welcome is Squad Gear. Squad Gear is known to be the web shop for all Star Wars and other Sci-Fi Miniature games, scenery, paint and accessories. If you have a great idea for a specific type of accessories for a game? Then Squad Gear will make it just for you!

I am very curious to see what kind of unique items they will bring to Heroes Made in Asia!

RPG Gear

Additionally, we also have RPG Gear at the event which is from the same founders as Squad Gear. RPG Gear is the go-to for everything Roleplay. You can find everything from Miniature to books, from 3D Print services to paint. They even could tailor-make items specifically for you. If you have a great idea for a dashboard or cardholders, let them know and they will make it just for you!

Consequently, I am very excited to see this participant at the event!

Le Cose Di Yadi

I also would like to welcome our participant all the way from Italy. Le Cose di Yadi is a store that sells Asian themed stuffed toys, Japanese accessories and clothing. They sell the most unique products, which all of them are super cool.

I can’t wait to see them in real life and look through their products!

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