The Native Dutch Clan

The Native Dutch Clan

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Hello, we are The Native Dutch Clan and we sell beautiful spiritual products, but especially what we like ourselves, that’s why we stand behind our range a 100%. You should think of: Incense, Incense burners, Jewelry, Tarot, Boxes and Caskets, Wall hangings, Feng Shui window decoration, Wall decoration and much more.

We also make a lot ourselves from natural materials, such as wood, leather, horn, stone and bone. We use these to make Runes and Ogham, Pendulum Plates, Altar Plates, Belt Bags, Drumsticks, Jewelry and whatever else we come up with in a creative mood.

We draw our inspiration from ancient religions and cultures from all over the world such as: Germanic, Norwegian, Pagan, Wicca, Celtic, Viking, Native American and Buddhism.


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