Venzu introduces you to our newest participants

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Venzu would like to introduce you to the newest participants of Heroes Made in Asia, namely: Yunishinkan, Designersprototype and Nendo addicts. In this article, will Venzu, our mascot from all merchandise, introduce you to our newest participants.


Venzu would like to introduce you to the foundation Yunishinkan. This Dojo from Utrecht is specialised in budo martial arts: Iado and Kendo. This amazing dojo works together with many teachers and organisations from Europe and Japan to ensure quality. At Heroes Made in Asia they will give these qualitative workshops.

Venzu is already excited to participate in these martial arts workshops!


The second participant, Venzu wants to introduce you to is designersprototype. This creative company was formed by three creative artists. On this web shop, they mainly sell paintings in a geeky style. You can find paintings of Star Wars, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and much more.

Venzu will certainly visit this participant to see the beautiful paintings

Nendo addicts

The last participant Venzu wants to introduce you to is Nendo Addicts. This cool web shop started to give people the opportunity to get hard-to-find Nendoroids, Figurines and other Japanese Merchandise. Their products are characterized by the best prices, good quality and a wide range of products. All this for their vision to show people why this and these products are so much fun, but also to show people and fans why these items are more than just simple figurines.

At least Venzu is very curious about this cool participant!

Do you want to see these amazing participants in real life? Click on the button below!

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Food market at heroes made in Asia

Dive into a different world when you visit the Food Market. Take in the rich aromas of the fresh products that are being prepared; Let your eyes wander over all the colorful dishes and taste the flavors of different cultures! The Food Market at Heroes Made in Asia has a lot to offer for the real foodies and everyone who enjoys tasty dishes and drinks! Curious about what you’ll find on the Food Market? We’ve listed a few of the treats that are being sold at Heroes Made in Asia below.

Studio Royal Ink is present during Heroes Made in Asia

A very unique participant this year in Heroes Made in Asia is certainly Royal Ink located in Brunssum, South Limburg. In 2014 owner Nick Limpens founded tattoo studio Royal Ink in Brunssum. Now 7 years later, Royal Ink has become a true concept in the tattoo world and surroundings. Quality, Hygiene and personal designs are of paramount importance! And most importantly, Royal Ink will be present during Heroes Made in Asia 2021. 

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