Food market at heroes made in Asia


Dive into a different world when you visit the Food Market. Take in the rich aromas of the fresh products that are being prepared; Let your eyes wander over all the colorful dishes and taste the flavors of different cultures! The Food Market at Heroes Made in Asia has a lot to offer for the real foodies and everyone who enjoys tasty dishes and drinks! Curious about what you’ll find on the Food Market? We’ve listed a few of the treats that are being sold at Heroes Made in Asia below.


You’re probably familiar with this popular Japanese street food: Takoyaki! This savory pancake-like snacks are crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside and royally filled with “tako” which is octopus. Try to keep your tentacles away from this tasty goodness!


Doesn’t Dorayaki sound familiar? It’s the favorite snack of Doraemon, the famous animated cat from Japan. This sweet dish is often filled with “anko” a sweet red bean paste. But Doraemon isn’t the only one who can appreciate this sweet bun, it is also loved by all children and adults.


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of hotdogs are probably the tall skyscraper from New York City. But it doesn’t hurt to try one with a Japanese twist! Whoever takes a bite finds that their mind wanders off into the streets of Tokyo or Kyoto. A wide arrangement of toppings is available, like wasibi, teriyaki, miso and seaweed. This trend has finally reached the Netherlands and that’s good news for you. 


A Japanese fair wouldn’t be complete without Taiyaki. What is Taiyaki you’re wondering? Taiyaki are delicious stuffed pancakes in the shape of a fish. These fishes have been a part of Japanese street food for years. The fishes are stuffed with read bean paste, pudding or chocolate. How could you possibly say no tot his one?


Kakigori is shaved ice that comes in many colors and many different flavors. The different options are endless! Maybe you’ll go for a Sakura (cherry blossom) flavored syrup and a topping of mochi (rice cakes). All is possible!

Match(a) Made in Heaven

That Matcha tea is a loved superfood isn’t news. This Japanese green tea powder doesn’t only taste great, but it is very good for you as well. A genius drink, Matcha lovers claim. And you must agree that matcha, with its clear green color and umami-ish, somewhat bitter taste does make for a refreshing drink. Everyone who sees you drinking this will turn green with jealousy!

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