Our first Artist is Gecko Chan!


Heroes Made in Asia is not complete without Artists! This is why we invited Gecko Chan to Heroes Made in Asia. She will be present on both days. You can visit her to buy prints, ask for autographs or just to chat!

Gecko Chan 

Meritxell Garcia is an experienced and versatile Art Director with a background in both Graphic Design and Illustration. Originally from Barcelona, she honed her skills in the fast-paced advertising and graphic design industry for more than 15 years before making the switch to her passion, Concept Art and Illustration.

After that decision, during these last 6 years, she made an impressive portfolio having worked as an Illustrator and Concept Artist in different industries such as videogames companies, animation studios, advertising and also being part of the teaching staff of Escola Joso (School Art) from Barcelona. She also has published and collaborated in several books (Editorial el Pirata, Norma editorial, Planeta comic, Salvat) as well as an author in the popular comedy webtoon, “Gecko Chan”, using her strong sense of design and ability to bring characters and worlds to life.

Do you want to know more about Gecko, and her webtoon? Then go to her Instagram or website via:

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