The early Bird Tickets are available!


Peck the halls, Early Bird tickets are live!

With Cosplayers letting it show, jolly people ‘rocking’ around the Workshop and Dance Area, and the smell of delicious food ‘all around us’. We all through Heroes Made in Asia was ‘o so delightful’. Sadly, we really ‘’couldn’t stay’ and we where already ‘driving home’. Luckily we don’t have to wait for long because ‘ho,ho,ho’  it’s beginning to look a lot like…the second edition of Heroes Made in Asia is around the corner!

Our Early Bird tickets have just gone live! You have until 3 January 2022 to buy a Heroes Made in Asia Early Bird ticket for 15% off the regular ticket price. This is a deal even Santa can’t miss out on! A ticket to Heroes Made in Asia is a special gift for anyone who loves Asian pop-culture. Have you put a HMIA ticket on your Christmas wish list yet?

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