Artists in the spotlight: Studio Vlinderdas

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In the coming weeks we wanted to put the artists of HMIA in the spotlight. This week we had a conversation with Joris Habraken of Studio Vlinderdas. Joris is currently an artist in training at the AKV St. Joost. His self-named ‘sugar explosion’ form of art fits perfectly with his enthusiastic and social personality. In this article we will give a preview of the artists behind Studio Vlinderdas, why he will participate at HMIA, and what you can expect of him at the event.

The 22-year-old Joris drew constantly ever since he could hold a pencil. Consequently, it was no surprise when his passion of art started at a later age. When he walked through the Artist Alley of Heroes Dutch Comic Con, he knew that his dream was to once be part of the Artist Alley. So, he started selling his self-made buttons at smaller conventions.  However, rapidly he expanded his business to other products such as:  bags, stickers, and Board game pawns.

After a few years, his dream would have come true. He would not only participate in the 2020 edition of Heroes Dutch Comic Con, but also at the completely new event Heroes Made in Asia. Unfortunately, both events were postponed, however, he is excited and proud that he still can participate in 2021. ‘’ The reason why I am so suitable with HMIA is because I am part of the target group.’’

Nevertheless, what can you expect of his stand at HMIA? He explained his art as a sugar explosion. ‘’ There is so much negativity in this world. So, I would like to bring positivity in my art.’’ He then continued with that his goal is to make people happy with his products. So, his task is completed when a customer walks away happy.

Also, he told us that you could expect: ‘’ A service with friendly chatter and a lot of hospitality.’’. He adds on this by saying that you also can expect products such as: Bags, Buttons, Stickers, Prints and Board game pawns.

The last thing he wanted to say to all visitors of HMIA is: ‘’ Lets do our best to make the first edition of HMIA the most fun edition ever!’’

  • Artist: Joris Habraken
  • Instagram: @Studiovlinderdas
  • Tumblr: @studiovlinderdas

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