Confirmed! These exhibitors will be present at the Asian Market.

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Visit the other side of the world for a day or a whole weekend! At Heroes Made in Asia you can indulge yourself at the Asian Market, a place full of great merchandise, goodies, gadgets, art, food and fun.

More than 50 different exhibitors have already confirmed for the first edition of Heroes Made in Asia. Do you like to shop at stores like COOL2U, Red Dot Commerce or Whoops Comics? Then our Asian Market is the place to be for you to score your favourite items!

The exhibitors at the Asian Market offer all kinds of different products, all related to the Asian pop culture. You can think of Manga, Anime, Collectibles, Action figures and T-shirts and much more. Are you curious which other exhibitors have confirmed their attendance? Here you can take a look at the complete exhibitor list.

Do you have any suggestions which exhibitors should not be missing at this first edition? Share them with us via the suggestion box at the bottom of the homepage. We might bring your favourite party to Heroes Made in Asia.

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Venzu introduces you to our newest participants

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