The time has come! HMIA organizes their 1st online Cosplay Catwalk

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Have you worked very hard on your cosplay outfit for Heroes Made in Asia in the last weeks or months? Or maybe for some other event that has been postponed and you hate it that you can’t wear your outfit or can’t show it now?

That’s why Heroes Made in Asia, together with Sakuraflor and Hype Creations, is launching the online Cosplay Catwalk! Follow the Heroes Made in Asia Instagram stories on the 5th of June from 12 P.M. and see all the beautiful cosplayers online. The show will be online for 24 hours. After that, 1 winner will be chosen who wins 2 tickets for HMIA on 8 and 9 May 2021, sponsored by Hype Creations. This winner will be announced on Monday 8 June. 

Let’s make it a great show together for all the people at home and all the cosplayers who have worked so hard on their outfit!

Do you want to participate and show your outfit?                                                                                                                                        Make a short video or photo of your cosplay outfit this week and put it on your own Instagram story on the 5th of June between 9.00 A.M. and 14.00 P.M. with the tag @heroesmadeinasia. Be on time, because Heroes Made In Asia will only post 99 entries on their channel. 

We hope to virtually see you all next Friday!


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