Everything you need to know about food at HMIA!

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Last weekend was Food Weekend at Heroes Made in Asia. We have shared a number of highlights around the theme of Food. From demonstration announcements of our Food Theater to the Food Market. In this article we have listed everything for you! 

Food Theater

Last weekend we shared the timetable of the Food Theater on our website. Have a look and see on which times the demos are held!

Demo: Making different types of sushi

Have you always wanted to know the best way to roll sushi or how to slice rice? Then you should definitely come and take a look at the demonstration: ‘Making different types of Sushi’ by Ho Yin in collaboration with Kyatcha.

The roles that are made are: maki, futomaki, temaki, Hosomaki, uramaki, nigiri and gunkan. If you’re a real sushi foodlover, then you don’t want to miss these demonstrations!

Demo: get to the know Japanese cuisine

Have you always wanted to make your own sushi, ramen or Japanese curry, but don’t know where to start? Then join the workshop ‘Get to know the Japanese cuisine’ given by The Sushi Times in the Food Theater!

During this workshop Joyce, known from the foodie platform Proef Japan, will give a short introduction about Japanese cooking. In addition, she gives useful tips and tricks for beginners, so that you too can make the tastiest Japanese dishes yourself in no time. Not only is an explanation given about the different ingredients of Japanese cuisine, but also about a piece of background, history and the basic principles that you need to know to be able to cook truly authentic Japanese. 

Food Market Menu

At the Food Market you can try different Asian dishes. During the Food Weekend we shared which dishes can be found here!

🥟 Troys: Gyoza, yakitori en japanse gevulde crepes.

🍙 Cheff-reys: Pokebowl + yakitori kipspiesjes Kotobuki Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Taiyaki, Tastutaage, Japanese drink, Onigiri.

🍢 Kenjiro: Korean Chicken, Asian Roll ice cream, Kimchi, Korean mandu, Korean corn dog, Korean Tteokbokki en Gimbap.

🍜 Osaka cooking catering: yaki soba.

🥘 Food escape: Okonomiyaki Japanese pancake, Karaage fried chicken en Japanese curry with rice.

🍺 Osaka Ball: Bubble Tea, bier en (Japanse) cocktails.

🍣 Honkies: Japan dog, Dynamite sushi roll, Crunchy Draggon roll, Panko springrolls, Japanse Kapsalon en Kirin Bier.

🌯 Claar is Cees: Vega loempia, kip loempia, Dadar gulung en Spekkoek.

In short, there’s enough food to try at Heroes Made in Asia!

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