Volunteers FAQ

Volunteers FAQ

You are helping to create an amazing experience for our visitors and your will get the chance to have an exclusive behind the scenes look at Heroes Made in Asia. You will get work experience at one of the most exiting events in The Netherlands. 

You will be given a certain task, like scanning tickets, hosting for one of our guests or other tasks. 
You can let us know what your preference is, but we can’t guarantee that you’ll be given that particular task. Whatever you do, it will be contributing to a memorable experience for our visitors.   

You have to be at least 18 years old. 

Preferably on Saturday 16th as well as on Sunday 17th of October 2021. You can also volunteer on one day. 

Saturday 16 October 2021: 08:00 till 18:30 hours.
Sunday 17 October 2021: 08:00 till 18:30 hours.  

There will be a general presentation about Heroes Made in Asia during the volunteer meet up. 
The various tasks will be explained. We also want to get to know you during this meet up. In this way we can decide what task is suitable for you. Our preference go to volunteers who can help out during the whole weekend. 

The registration is not open yet. But we are expecting a lot of registrations. Our advise is to register as soon as possible and follow our channels to see when the registrations will open.

You will receive a notification if you’re selected by email. If you are selected, you will receive an invitation for the volunteer meet up. 

Yes, you can register yourself via the registration form for volunteers. Here you can mention that you have volunteered at a previous edition. 

Unfortunately not. When you register yourself as a volunteer we are counting and depending on you. It is also very important to attend the volunteer meet up. Unforeseen events can always happen, like illness or worse. In that case, please contact us as soon as possible via info-made-in-asia@easyfairs.com. Include in the header ‘Cancellation Volunteer’. 

If you’re not sure if you can make it. At every edition of Heroes Made in Asia we are striving to make it better then the previous edition and give our visitors an even better experience. To secure this we need to be able to depend on our volunteers. 

If you are working on one day, you will receive a ticket for the other day. If you are working the whole weekend, we will make sure that you will have approximately three hours of free time. Please keep in mind that you can not decide for yourself on which day you want to use your free hours. It is not possible to get a free ticket for another edition of Heroes Made in Asia nor for another event of the Heroes group.

We assume that you are fully available during the day(s) that you are volunteering. 

We are very glad that you will be helping out the whole weekend. We want to especially reward you by organizing a fun barbecue. This will take place after Heroes Made in Asia, when the weather hopefully takes a turn for the better. We will contact you when this takes place as you really don’t want to miss this!

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed from your home address. If you are travelling by car, the reimbursement will be 0,19 cents per kilometer. When you travel by public transportation, we will reimburse your ticket. After Heroes Made in Asia you will receive an expense claim form.
Will my travel expenses be reimbursed if I join the volunteer meet up?
Yes, these travel costs will also be reimbursed. You will receive a reimbursement form at the volunteer meet up. 

In case of travelling by car, you won’t have to pay a parking fee. You will receive a parking card.

Please sign up at the link below.

Send us an email via info-made-in-asia@easyfairs.com.

Heroes Wanted

Would you like to be part of on of the most fun Asian conventions of The Netherlands? Become our hero and register as a volunteer below.

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