Find out what kind of ticket is the best fit for you

We offer a various amount of entrance and additional tickets. Please take a look at this overview to find out what ticket is the best choice for you. Proceed to the webshop to buy your tickets and make sure that you are part of the Heroes Made in Asia experience!

Be aware the youth tickets are only valid in combination with an adult ticket!

Please note: prices exclude order level service fee (from € 2.80).


entrance tickets overview

Early bird

Available from

Kids (0 t/m 5 year)
Dayticket: Free

Youth (6 t/m 12 year)
Day ticket: €10.00

Adult (13+ year)
Day ticket: €19.00
Weekend: €28.50

VIP (13+ year)
Day ticket: €75.00
Weekend: €90.00


available from

Kids (0 t/m  5 year)
Day ticket: Free

Youth (6 t/m 12 year)
Day ticket: € 12.00

Adult (13+ year)
Day ticket: € 21.00
Weekend: € 30.50

VIP (13+ year)
Day ticket: € 80.00
Weekend: € 95.00

last minute

available from

Kids (0 t/m  5 year):
Day ticket: Free

Youth (6 t/m 12 year):
Day ticket: € 15.00

Adult (13+ year):
Day ticket: € 24.00
Weekend: € 33.50

VIP (13+ year):
Day ticket: € 90.00
Weekend: € 110.00

additional tickets

gaming tournaments

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