Kpop Dance Competition

Kpop Dance competition

Do you want to dance on mainstage of Heroes Made in Asia?

Send in a video with your friends or alone of your best dance choreography of your favourite Kpop song. Only four finalists will be picked to battle on the mainstage for the Kpop dance trophy of 2021.

Enter the competition by sending in your video before the 17 of September.

Do we see you at Heroes Made in Asia?

How will the winner be chosen?

Only four winners will be chosen from all the entered videos. The first two participants will be chosen by public. All the videos will be posted on our Tiktok platform: Heroesmadeinasia. The videos with the most likes will battle at our mainstage. Besides these two Tiktok winners, also two participants will be picked from our unbiased jury. These four finalists will compete for the title: ‘’ Heroes Made in Asia kpop dance talent of 2021’’. This final will take place on Saturday the 16th of October.

You will be judged on:

  • The dance skills of everyone participating in the video.
  • The level of difficulty of the choreography.
  • The originality of the video (think about outfits, way of filming and location)


The video must me filmed The reason for this is that all videos will be posted on our Tiktok account.

The person who enters the competition must be in the video. Per video at least one person needs to be in the video and a maximum of 15 participants.

Every participant can only enter once.

The dance must be on a Kpop song. The dance needs to be highly comparable to the original choreography.

When entering this competition, you give permission that we could use your video on our social media channels.

Participants under the age of 18 need to have permission from a parent or guardian.

The video needs to be made in one shot.

The finale takes place on the 16th of October. Every participant needs to be able to be present live at the event

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