Regular tickets will be available this monday!

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The regular ticket sale will start Monday the 24th of January! With a regular ticket, you’ll gain entry to the most amazing event in Asian Culture in The Netherlands!

We have a lot of activities on our program this edition. We offer authentic workshops like an official Japanese Tea Ceremony, K-pop dance workshops and fighting workshops. So There is enough to do the whole day!

And we’ve got some news for you: we have expanded our Food Market! So that means that there’ll be even more delicious dishes, snacks and beverages for you to try out!

If you are a cosplay lover, you’ll be in just the right place. Everyone is wearing their most beautiful costumes to Heroes Made in  Asia. You can also go to the Main Stage to see the Cosplay Catwalk and Cosplay Contest. Do you have an awesome cosplay? Particiapte in one of those items!

We recommend that you save up some money for all the amazing merchandise at Heroes Dutch Comic Con. Are you an anime fan? Then you could buy key chains, clothing, Funko pops, mousepads, plushies and much more of your favourite franchise.

We have also thought about the gamers at Heroes Made in Asia. We’ve dedicated a whole area to gaming. In this area, gaming tournaments will be held and you can play your favourite games there all day long, from Super Mario to Osu! 

And of course, there will be some very Special Guests present at Heroes Made in Asia. Who they will be, is still a secret for now though! 

Are your ready for Heroes Made in Asia? Then go to our ticketshop on Monday and buy some tickets for yourself, friends and family!

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