Artists in the spotlight: Mandy Frank

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In the last few weeks, we wanted to put some of the artists of HMIA in the spotlight. This week we had a conversation with Mandy Frank. Mandy is one of our German artists in the artist alley. You could recognize her from her signature watercolour paintings and tattoos. In this article, we will give you a preview of who Mandy Frank is, why she will participate at HMIA and what you can expect from her at the event.

Mandy started with her watercolour paintings when she was only 15 years old. After many hard years with not liking her job but also through battling depression, she decided to start for herself. In 2011 she started with her own tattoo shop and in 2013 she added on this by also selling her art prints. This went so well that in 2015 she had her first comic con in Germany.

However, where does this success comes from? Mandy told us that her art shows how she sees the world, which makes it quite personal and different. She adds on this by saying that the cool thing about her art is also that it is up for interpretation: ‘’Everyone sees and feels something different due to different experiences’’. However, since everyone could have emotions with certain pieces of art it will connect people

Mandy also believes that this artform also really fits with the Asian culture ‘’ Asia has such a long and interesting art history. It often looks mystical, maybe even like a fairy-tale. This is something which is quite corresponding with my art.’’. Additionally, Mandy mentions that she really connects with certain aspects of Asian art history, such as that they often used watercolours and use many details.

Consequently, you could expect many great prints and other art forms from Mandy. However, you can also expect that she is always up for a chat. This could be about art or something different. She adds to this by saying that she would love to talk and give feedback to everyone at the event.

Do you want to see more from Mandy?

  • Instagram: @artofmandyfrank
  • Etsy shop:
  • Website:


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